GroutPro Franchisee Testimonials

What the GroutPro Specialists have to say about GroutPro

  • “Things are seriously crazy up here. I love the variety, coloursealing new grout (my favourite), old grout, tile replacement, cleaning with portable etc. It is giving me everything I have ever wanted in a business; cash flow, freedom & job satisfaction” Dave Topping, GroutPro approved Specialaist
  • “Every night I looked forward to what I was going to learn the next day” Ted Beddoes (ex banking & Logistics) GroutPro Approved Specialist.
  • “The practical hands on training and the Colour Seal process definitely reinforces the “WOW” factor and potential for GroutPro” Darrell Anderson (ex police force) GroutPro Approved Specialist.
  • “Most training materials from other courses are left in a cupboard, but this is a useable resource – GREAT!” Brett Muir (ex confectionary sales) GroutPro Approved Specialist.
  • “I thought the training course was excellent, the information & expertise was first class”
    Mick Charlton GroutPro approved specialist.
  • “Coming from a non business background I was nervous about learning the sales / marketing side of things. The clear and simple way that your material has been documented and presented is a credit to you both. I leave the course with total belief that you have done everything and provided all the information possible to assist in making my business a success. Well done.” Darrell Anderson GroutPro Approved Specialist.  
  • “I had fun, a good group of guys and teachers. I would love to come back on the next course for a couple of days and help out if needed” Steve Cottier GroutPro Approved Specialist.
  • “It’s fantastic to be part of what I see as being a great product and brand name, and being involved in a successful product creating our own successful businesses” Seton Wotherspoon GroutPro approved specialist.
  • “The whole package is really impressive and there are far more opportunities than I imagined – Brilliant!!”
    Russell Ainsworth GroutPro approved specialist.
  • “You guys have been fantastic and make me feel very good about being a part of GroutPro, you have covered everything very well – Thank You” Murray Rhodes GroutPro approved specialist.
  • “I’m very impressed with the level of research and development” Andrew Palmer GroutPro approved specialist.
  • “Overall I thought the course was excellent, the information and expertise was first class. “ Mick Charlton GroutPro approved specialist.
  • “We appreciated everything about the training, the effort and thought that you guys have put into it in order to help us succeed, you have done a great job, we like your enthusiasm, professionalism and thoughtfulness – thank You.” Maree Hudson & Ray Bavage GroutPro approved specialist.
  • “A really good course and learning experience / environment. Easy to understand topics have given me alot more confidence to do the job” Darryl Pocklington GroutPro approved specialist.
  • “I had high expectations and I was very impressed by the sales and marketing sessions and amazed at how easy the practical side was made. I love the products, the research & development that has gone into it however the marketing sets this up to be a GREAT business – I loved the knowledge shared.”
    Nigel Read GroutPro approved specialist.

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