Tile Anti-Slip Treatment FAQ’s

Will treatment disrupt my home or business?

Treatment is carried out quickly and conveniently with no disruption to your home or business. GroutPro can work around you, after hours, or on weekends, and most importantly, you’ll be able to walk on the surface immediately.

Will it change the surface appearance?

As this process is not a coating or abrasive process it creates no discernable change in the appearance of the surface it’s applied to. This means that the investment you’ve made in your floors is protected.

Is it easy to clean & maintain?

Yes, treated floors are cleaned as per our recommended cleaning procedure, however there is no special maintenance required

What about meeting government / OSH standards for commercial premises?

Our trained specialists will take a testing of the co-efficient of friction with an electronic slip test meter on a random selection of tiles both before and after the area has been treated. We will supply you with a certificate showing that the surface treated adheres to the UK slip resistance standards.

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