Silicone Removal and Replacement

GroutPro specialise in the removal and replacement of old silicone & caulking, and know how to treat stubborn reappearing mould and fungus at the source.

New silicone around your bath, shower, basins, and kitchen sink etc provides that clean new look you have been trying to achieve and helps protect your home against costly water damage. Specifically designed for wet areas our environmentally friendly products are available in a wide range of colours and provide a superior seal and appearance.

GroutPro Specialists are fully trained in the professional application of Silicone, and we recommend that it is installed in all shower corners, toilet bases, vanity units (top and bottom), tiled areas, kitchen tops & splash backs, or any other area where water tight joints and hygiene is required.

Grout Pro UK - Before
Grout Pro UK - After