Tile ‘Anti-Slip’ Treatment

Slippage and subsequent falls are a major reason for injuries in occupational related accidents and in homes. Public places with stone or tile foyers, shopping malls, thoroughfares and stairways as well as wet environments, ie: tiled kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, patios, balconies and pool surrounds are always potentially hazardous areas.

The Solution

GroutPro Anti-Slip has been manufactured since 1986, and with a 20 year International successful track record, GroutPro (ASF128) has been reviewed by some Insurance companies as the most effective product of its kind. Unlike conventional products, GroutPro (ASF128) does not alter the feel or appearance of the floor; it is when the floor is wet that the treatment becomes most active.

 Features & Benefits

  • Improves safety on both interior and exterior floors
  • Does not significantly alter surface appearance
  • Cost effective
  • Most effective when the floor or footwear is wet
  • Eliminates & suppresses mould & mildew
  • Over 20 years of International success
  • Reviewed by Insurance Companies as being the most effective product of its kind!
  • It’s NOT a coating so it won’t rub off, crack or peel
  • Quick application by our certified application specialists
  • Can be walked on immediately

Grout Pro UK - Avoid Nasty Falls
Avoid Nasty Falls